Prescription Retrieval Systems

  • Saves 25% In Retrieval Time

  • Helps Eliminate Errors

  • HIPAA Responsive

  • Improves Customer Service

  • Eliminate Misfills

  • Proven Successful In Many Major Chains

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3

STEP - 1

1. Pharmacist places filled prescription & receipt in clear HangUp Bag with customer name visible through bag.

STEP - 2

2. HangUp Bag is hung on Rack in alphabetical order. Hanging index tabs with stick-on letters and numbers are available.

STEP - 3

3. At customer pick-up correct bag is easy and quickly retrieved visually by scanning the appropriate lettered or numbered section.

More Effective & Efficient Prescription Storage Solution



In-store experience proves this system saves 25% of retrieval time vs. current bin or drawer systems and helps eliminate errors.


How it works

  • Scan barcode on bag
  • Scan prescriptions and place in bag- bag
  • Hang bags in numerical order on rack


  • Provides total visibility of all prescriptions in will call area
  • Virtually eliminates misfills
  • Identifies all prescriptions for same person in will call
  • Provides important information instantly
  • Inventory dollar amount in the will call system
  • Number of days in will call


  1. Tech looks up customer in pharmacy system
  2. Verifies the customer by phone number or birth date
  3. Identify customer by bag number
  4. Tech retrieves the bags

Return to Stock

  • Specify the maximum number of days acceptable in will call
  • System can identify all bag numbers over this
  • Scripts can be put back in stock

Bag Caddy

  • Holds Extra Bags Awaiting Use by Pharmacist
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Place On Counter Or Easily Hung On Wall
  • Dimensions: 16 1/2″ Tall X 6″ Wide X 7″ Deep
  • Holds Up To 40 Bags