Perscription Retrieval Systems

  • Saves 25% in retrieval time
  • Helps eliminate errors
  • hIPAA responsive
  • improves customer service
  • proven successful in many major chains

It's as easy as 1,2,3



Easy as 123

1. Pharmacist places filled perscription & receipt in clear HangUp Bag with customer name visible through bag.

easy as 123

2. HangUp Bag is hung on Rack in alphabetical order. Hanging index tabs with stick-on letters and numbers are available.

easy as 123

3. At customer pick-up correct bag is easy and quickly retrieved visually by scanning the appropriate lettered or numbered section. The Rx is removed from the HangUp Bag, reviewed with customer, and placed in store bag. HangUp Bag is then ready for re-use.

In-store experience proves this system saves 25% of retrieval time vs. current bin or drawer systems and helps eliminate errors.